Day wise report from a table of monthly data


I have a query result which shows monthly data. Below is the table:

How can I generate a report which created separate table for each day? I don't want to create report for each day separately rather one monthly report showing day wise data.

Thanks in advance.

If you're just looking for number of events and duration for each day, you can select the start timestamp as a DATE() and group the data by that date.

Hi Brian

Thanks for your suggestions.

Actually I wanted to show the timestamps as well. Not sure if that would be possible though.

Below is what I wanted:

Any idea?

Check out the grouping data inside tables doc here Grouping Data Inside of Tables - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation You'll likely need to adjust your data query to retrieve the date as a separate column so you can group data by that date.

Thanks a lot.