Daylight savings

I am running Ignition 8.1 Vision module. This is a solved issue. I post it here to help anyone who has a similar issue.

When daylight savings time came into effect (March 14 2021), the system where the gateway is installed changed the time accordingly but my ignition project did not. The gateway itself did not seem to acknowledge the change.

I solved by a simple reboot of the machine where the gateway was installed. After that any open client sessions had to be closed and opened again to correct the change.
So from now on twice a year I have to remember to reboot the server.

Hi @daniel.valentiner
Wondering if you had to do it again for DST end or did ignition come up with a solution to this.
I faced a similar problem.

Hello @ukamani
I had to do it again for DST end. I do not think that Ignition has a solution to this yet.