DB Browse using Linked Servers

Hi all,

We are setting up our Ignition platform right now but have encountered a point that i cannot get round without some help.

We have multiple SQL DB’s for data sources and they are sat behind a DB that has them all set up as Linked Servers.

This has meant that the DB Browse functionality is inoperable in property bindings etc as there are no tables at the front DB.

Writing an SQL query still finds the endpoint if written correctly, but i’d like to use the wizards opposed to writing everything by hand…

e.g Select something from [Linked Server].[EndDBName].[someTableName] when connecting to the front DB

Is there a way to amend the Connect URL in the Database Connections setup, so that we have multiple Databases configured, but all with a common url + the link?

i.e jdbc:sqlserver://FrontDB would become jdbc:sqlserver://FontDB.LinkedServer ???


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