DB for Tag Provider

What is the best solution when choosing a database for a Tagprovider? Should the database be locally on the same server as the gateway or remote on another server?

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It doesn’t matter at all. I just feel this is not even related.
Feel free to choose any because after all, a DB connection is just a DB connection, regardless the server location.

For performance, it is best if the DB is on another server (or isolated VM), however it will of course work on the same server as the gateway.

Hmm, what is best for safety?

Backups. :wink: For safety, it’s always backups.

Generally speaking, you’re better off with the db server separate from the Ignition server. One reason is for performance, as @Matrix_Engineering said, and another is in the instance where, if something goes sideways with one server, the other is not affected.

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But what happens if the database stops working? Will HMI with tags continue to work?

Will tags also be saved when a Ignition backup is performed (db on another server)?

The live tags will continue working but the trends will not. Tag definitions are saved with a gateway backup, while tag history is backed up with the database. This is true whether the DB is on the same server or not. The user is responsible for database backups.

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