DB needed for Siemens addressing?

Is a DB needed for the addressing to work? I need to read an Input ,I1016.4, but it doesnt exist in a DB,


Inputs, Outputs, Markers etc you should be able to read directly.




I have the tag configured like this returning a BAD:

And you are able to read other areas (DB's etc) of the same PLC ?

Yes, sir

Unfortunately I use the Siemens OPC rather then Ignition OPC so have nothing to compare to.

What do you have for the permissions on the Inputs..?

With you mentioning permissions and it being an OEM PLC, we may not have rights for the inputs. We also use the OPC for most of the tags we want to view, this just happens to be one thats not in the OPC server of the PLC.

Sorry to bother thanks

It could also mean that 'put/get' is not enabled, which it doesn't need to be if your other tags come from the Siemens OPC. Either way, without the PLC program there isn't much you can do.