DB status question (queries per second)

Hello all,

Simple question here, how can I have almost 300 queries per second, but no active query and no active connection?

I need to understand where does come from these 300+ queries per second.


What Ignition version, and what flavour of SQL?

That’s normal enough, what you are seeing.

I just checked my R&D server. MySQL, and it is using 0/50 connections, no active queries, and 30qps.

The active queries only appear for queries that take a bit of time. Just to the right of where you’ve cropped your screenshot you will see a bar chart of longer queries. And just below, you will see longest recent queries.

I’m no DBA but I think a connection is only used via JDBC either from certain flavours of SQL or for certain tasks.

Yup, at the instant checked, there was no connection in use, so no active query. If queries are executing in a fraction of a millisecond, the odds of the snapshot catching one of those 300 is slim. Assuming it updates every second, which it doesn’t. So the odds are slimmer. Most often, you need a query that runs for several seconds to always show up in that stat display.


Clear answer. Thank you guys!