DB Table Historian to query history from continuous aggregate view


I am using PostGreSQL with the TimescaleDB extension for storing data using the Tag Historian.
In TimescaleDB I have created a continuous aggregate that summarize data in buckets of 1 minute.
I have set up the DB Table Historian to be able to use the Tag Historian to query the data from the continuous aggregate view. My intent is to be able to visualize the data using the Power Chart in Perspective.
However, I am unable to retrieve any data and on further inspection in the logs I see this debug message:

org.postgresql.util.PSQLException: ERROR: invalid input syntax for type bigint: "2023-11-02 01:44:56.73+01" Where: unnamed portal parameter $1 = '...'

Of course there is something wrong with the syntax for the bigint in the DB Table Historian, however, I am not sure where and if it is even possible to adjust anything for the DB Table Historian.

Has anyone tried and succeeded in doing something similar?

FWIW: I am able to query the continuous aggregate view using a named query and get the data visualized in both a table component and in the Time Series Chart.