I was messing with this today, building some tables to help with my module’s deployment. While tinkering, I had a scenario or two where I had a column with datatype A, then later decided to change it to datatype B.

Earlier runs of my module had created the table with the column’s datatype set to A. After making the decision to change datatypes, subsequent runs of my module that were programmed to setup a table with a column datatype of B did not alter my table’s column datatype. I’ve got no problems with this and, as it’s been explained to me, that’s the intended response.

I was wondering, however, is there a message logged at all or some other notification that the call to verifyAndUpdate() was setup to use datatype B but found that the column exists already as datatype A? I’m watching the wrapper.log, wasn’t sure if the log4j settings were configured to pick that up or not, (or if any such message was being logged at all).