Deadband will not go 0

Wondering if anyone can suggest a way to help. We have an RPM value being registered. Only issue is that it “bounces” +/-4 (ish). So we set the deadband to 5. The only issues is when the machine goes to shutdown if the downward values come down and hit 3 or lower when read then the deadband prevents up from getting a 0 value there when the motor is stopped. Any suggestions?


If the RPM are a floating value in the PLC, can you add logic so that if the RPM is less than 5, move a 0 to the float?

If you must do it in the HMI (I prefer @robb’s solution if possible), you can move aside your current RPM tag that is bringing in the value (with the deadband) to RPM_Signal and then create an expression tag RPM with something like:


Then the new RPM tag will show 0 for values below 5 (i.e. when RPM_Signal is “stuck” at 3).