Debug Evaluation Error on Transaction Group

How to debug this ? Can’t see anything in Log or in events

Thanks !!!

What’s the expression for the item?

@JordanCClark, It’s a script call which looks something like this :

The issue is, it works 90% of the time !


This is how I am calling -

And to be sure that I don’t pass null I have this on Expression Item :

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

I’d try making the stringFormat expression its own item before the runScript item. See how the stringFormat is playing out.

As expected -

This is not on one with an evaluation error. Also, be sure to move it above the runscript item so it runs first.

hmm, that explains everything !!

I oweYouBeerCount = 1

Now, the question being, why I can’t see that in Events ?

It would be more likely to end up in the log.