Debugging a Data property bound to an SQL Query?

I’ve found that when setting up a dynamic query (containing strings that change depending on the user’s actions) I always have the need to see the query sent to the database. For example, if my query is:

SELECT * FROM myTable WHERE id = {Root Container.selectedId}

It is very beneficial if I’m able to see the final query that’s sent to the database with the variables evaluated. I usually end up adding a dynamic string property to the Root Container for the query so I can look at it, and then I specify the Data property’s SQL query as {Root Container.myQuery}. I was wondering if there is a way I can look at the query so I don’t have to keep performing this extra step.


You could enable the Vision.QueryManager logger in Client’s top menu, Help > Diagnostics >Logging Levels, and then read what it reports on the Log Viewer tab, but this will probably give you more information than you want. Short of that, what you are doing, or something along those lines, is a good option.

Edit: the logger will also flood your Console.