Debugging a Script in ConfigureTransform

Hello, How I can show messages in my console to track the flow execution of my script in Configure Transform. I tried several ways, but doesn’t work.

The most straightforward way to debug is using system.perspective.print() which will print messages into your designer’s console (Ctrl+Shift+C).

Logging like you’ve done in your screenshot is also possible, but then you have to go to your gateway in your web browser–> Status–> and click on Logs under Diagnostics to see the actual logging taking place, which I don’t recommend over the ease of using the print function for debugging purposes.

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What @kirsten.chambers posted is indeed the recommended way to debug Perspective scripts, but you need to make sure that you remove such lines before sending to production as the system.perspective.print function also prints to the browser’s development console. This means that anything you log in a given session with system.perspective.print could be viewed by the user of that session as long as they know how to open a browser’s development tools.

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Thank very much to both.