Debugging Alarm History (Journal) configuration without Configuration Tab

Several of my co-workers and I are working for a customer who will not give us access to the Configuration tab of the Gateway Web Page. One of the issues I’ve been tasked to fix is the “Alarm History” page. This is simply a page with a Date Picker component and an Alarm Journal component. Up until today the Alarm Journal that the page’s component was pointing to was disabled. I finally convinced them that the page would not work until the Journal was enabled.
Once enabled, the “big red blob” over the Journal component went away!
The problem now is that it appears that none of our alarms are making it to the database.
So, I’m wondering if there are ways I can query the configuration of the Alarm Journal and Database Connections in order to glean information to direct this customer on what to fix WITHOUT having access to the Configuration Tab. I know it’s a big ask, I would be thankful if there were a way.