Debugging and Troubleshooting device connections


I am looking for answers to the question about debugging and troubleshooting device connections. I would like to diagnose device connections a little more accurately. I know that it is possible to view logs in diagnostic but is it possible to check more precisely what is happening e.g. in transmitted frames? This can be done through wireshark and other such tools, is it possible to look into this directly from the gateway in a web browser?

For example, could I preview modbus communication frames or anything like below?

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Sorry, no. Java's not really a good platform for packet captures. Many drivers do have loggers that will report traffic on the TRACE log level.

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Click the gear in that screenshot, search for "ReadCoilsRequest", set it to TRACE.

Like Phil said, though, this is totally driver dependent and not something you can universally count on.

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Understandable, thank you for your answers!