Decimal precision blues

Here’s my problem:
Application reads PLC data that is stored as integer. PLC value assumes an implied decimal.
We want to display and treat the value within ignition as a float.

In the tag definition: Tag is declared as float and source is declared as long.
Input is scaled (0:1000 -> 0:100) to account for the implied decimal.
Tag metadata specifies one fixed decimal point. (###.0)

On the screen:
Numeric Text Field
Number type = float
Tag value is assigned to Value (float)
Format = ###.0

There are 5 of these tags. Two of them display one decimal (as configured). The other three display no decimal. Ever.
I have copied and replaced all combinations of tag and numeric field. No change in displayed decimals.

Any insight?

Two of them don’t display #.0? Or two of them always show #.0 (zero in decimal place), even when they should show #.1 or some other decimal?