Default black hex code?

Using 8.1.0

I set some text in a label to color #FFFFFF, now it doesn’t match the others though.

I delete color and it still looks darker. I changed it to #555555 and #2b2b2b.
What is the default black color of text?
I think the position might be one of those positions and colors that just looks odd no matter what I do.

#000000, #000, black all work on v8.1.19 (my current testing env) and probably on 8.1.0.

(An interesting question, but a Google search will probably be quicker than waiting for some quack on the forums to reply)

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If you want true black, then as @YF129701 has said #000000.

If you mean, what is the color used by default with IA’s default theme? then that’s a different color.

That is #323232 near as I can tell. Or var(--neutral-90)

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The default color is CSS variable and set by var(--label). You can see this if you enable your browser’s Developer Tools and inspect a label. The actual color will depend on the selected CSS theme in use on your project.

You should be using themes and preset CSS variables rather than direct formatting. That way you can switch themes and everything will work.

Perspective Built-In Themes - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation.


Thanks #323232.

I appreciate it.
I was able to verify with inspect, thanks for that too.

I trust people here more than most of the rest of the internet on a side note.
I lost count how many times I went on a goose chase from another site, but found a solution or help here.

Keep in mind if you ever decide to use themes then having #323232 will not give you the desired result, you will want to use var(--neutral-90) as @lrose pointed out.