Default Launcher JSONs

Has anyone figured out a way to get new users the same starting JSON file for Vision Client and Designer launcher? It seems these only get created once Ignition is launched for the new user. We’ve gotten around this by making a .ignition folder in Public and pointing all shortcuts to it instead. This is not ideal as launching from other ways yield blank JSON configs.
I doubt there’s a better way out there, but thought I’d check in just in case.

You’ve tagged Ignition 8.0, but which minor version?

If you’re at 8.0.15 or later you can use the config.json command line argument to specify a .json file to use in the vision client launcher. Documentation

What we’ve done is put a copy of the Vision Client Launcher executable and a configured .json file in a network share. Everyone uses a shortcut that points to this location and uses the shared .json file.

Yeah, thats basically what we did too. We used the public user folder instead. It works reasonably well, but if anyone launches the executable by itself then they have no config. Or if someone wants a custom config, they will change it for everyone instead. I want to start with a valid, configured, default JSON file, and then let everyone do what they want with it.

We are running 8.1.7

Ignition installs for all users but it doesn’t use the Default profile so there’s no way to see the JSON file for potential new users.

Visiting from the future?

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:laughing: Sorry, I meant 8.1.7