Default OPC-UA Name Change 7.9 to 8.0 breaks UDTs (and other tags?)

Hey folks,

Ignition 7.9.12, 8.0.5.

I am not upgrading, rather starting fresh and building up. Several of the pieces that I need are already developed in 7.9, but I don’t need the whole gateway. I have a fresh install on a test bench, adding components that I need back into the system.

Imported the UDT that I need from a 7.9.12 gateway, and none of that tags work. Parameters works find, all scan classes are default. I modified one tag to make it work, by selecting the tag from the OPC browser and reparameterizing.

It appears as though Ignition 7.9 the default OPC-UA server is titled “Ignition OPC-UA Server”, while 8.x is “Ignition OPC UA Server”. Any imported tags fail because the server nomenclature has changed.

Not sure this is intended, but it seems like an odd inconsistency that can cause problems.


It was intentional and has been discussed numerous times here now :slight_smile:

Didn’t realize how common it would be for people to piecemeal import tags from a 7.9 system instead of upgrading.

It’s not going to change back, so either open your imports in a text editor and search/replace, or change the name of the OPC UA connection in Ignition.

Thanks, Kevin.

I appreciate the response. I figured it was a UDT problem until the very end, at which point I figured out it was an OPC-UA problem. Never saw it hit my forum search results, so I figured I would ask.

As for the piecemeal import - we have several projects providing the same base services to clients, but each heavily modified, and all in 7.9. We received a request for 8.0 so I figured it would be cleaner and easier to start fresh with the pieces I needed, rather than import extras. I didn’t realize the system had been build to upgrade more smooth than simply importing components.

I’ve already fixed the issue, and its good to know about moving forward.


Might I suggest that IA modify the Import to do this for us?

Maybe after a prompt to let us decide if we want it to do this.

I spent quite a bit of time wondering why I had to redefine my imported data types before noticing the 1 character difference. Very annoying!

Thank you,
Bill S.