Default table horizontal spacing for columns

Is there a way to set the horizontal spacing of table
columns to some DEFAULT value other than “Auto” ??

That is, to have the spacing set to say, “center” by default so i don’t have to go into the table customerizer and manual set them that way?

(FYI - this question is following up a support call - so I have a bit more context. He has a table whose underlying data’s column structure changes because the user can choose from one of various queries to run the table)

What you can do, is have the table run a script every time the data changes that re-centers all of the columns. You’d do this with a script on the table’s “propertyChange” event, such as this one:

[code]if event.propertyName==‘data’:
# This script will run after the table’s data
# has been reloaded, centering all columns.
table = event.source
data = event.newValue

# Loop through each column name, setting its horiz
# alignment to CENTER (0)
for c in range(data.columnCount):
	colName = data.getColumnName(c)
	attrs = table.getColumnAttributes(colName)
	attrs.horizontalAlignment = 0

# This forces the table to re-load the column settings
table.columnAttributes = table.columnAttributes[/code]

Hope this helps,