Default TABLES that Ignition creates

I am curious how I can prevent Ignition from creating the default set of tables on other databases that I set it up to connect to. Can someone clarify the necessary settings. The scenario is" I have a database for ignition to run on as default" when I establish the necessary connections to other databases it drops in a new set of these tables. Every DB that I have write permission on it has dropped these default tables in.
How can I allow it to connect for insert update delete on other DB’s and Tables but not dropping
in a set of these default tables. Can someone clarify this process; what causes it and how I can prevent it on DB’s that I do not want it to create them on…
Suggestions welcome…


I could be wrong but I believe it is the tag history which is creating those tables. If you disable tag history on that connection the tables will not be created. I think it is under SQL tags historian on the configure menu


Cool, thank you I will try that and post back my results

That’s right, it’s tag history that’s creating them, but it actually only does that when data is first stored… so at some point you must be setting tags to store history there. However, as suggested, turning off history under SQLTags>Historian should help.