"default" Tag Provider in Edge

I have a project that I created in a full edition of Ignition then ported to an Edge Panel install. I've (re)created all my tags in the 'edge' provider and it's been running fine for quite a while. However, every time I start the Designer, I still get an error saying that the 'default' tag provider cannot be found (it actually was renamed at some point, but it was originally the 'default' tag provider). However, now that it's on an Edge install, I cannot find a way on the gateway management web page to delete any references to that old 'default' tag provider in order to stop these errors.

It's not a major malfunction, but I would appreciate help with cleaning this up. Thank you!

The circumstances behind how this happened has been fixed recently. As a workaround, you can probably go to Config -> Realtime -> Tags and rename the provider (and then rename it back). Relaunch the Designer and it should have re-associated the Tag Provider. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the info. The cabinet where that Edge Panel resides is powered down right now because it was recently moved and they are making the new permanent power connections. I will try this idea when it is back online and let you know how it went.

Finally got a chance to try this, and it did the trick. Thank you.


I had the same issue. worst than yours, I cannot change tag provider name.
Actually, before I import the program, I wanted to change the tag provider name first, but it was just edge, I could not change it.
So I had to use find all the default, replace with edge.
Then the project is still looking for default, I got the same message, and no way to get rid of it so far.