Default trend popup action on value clicking

Hi guys.

Is there a simple default way -or plans to implement- to launch a trend popup from clicking a led display? While it works, I find it somehow complex to do using binding/scripting.

For the sake of clarity, whenever I left-click on a displayed value, if it's history enabled, it should open a simple trend chart with the last 8 hours of data or so; and I'm asking if that exists as a default behaviour in perspective.


It should be as simple as

  • Add an onClick event to the display.
  • Under Organize Actions add a Popup Action.
  • Fill in the details. I'd make the popup "background dismissible" so that clicking anywhere else on the main view causes it to disappear but you may want to be able several trends.

If you have a lot of displays then you could create a parameterised view to reduce the number of steps required to create each display/trend.

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The trouble with this is, there are so many variables with how someone might want this implemented, that it's not worth making something standard to the product.


Yeap, that's the way we do it now, but we use this behaviour so much that seemed worth a default feature. Thanks.

That's fine, and the flexibility is there to do whatever users want to do, but I'm sure if we had a simple default way, most users would get along with it just fine. I remember very old tools (Babelfish I think it was called, from ISS Group) already having that feature, and even a better one (right-click on any value and you could add it to a tag bucket, then launch a trend plot with all the elements in that bucket). Processbook and PI Vision also feature a basic 8hr trend on value clicking. Anyway, just screening if there's something before adding the feature request. Thanks!