Default User Role?


I have a customer with AD / hybrid user control. They have a web facing home page so that users can login from home if necessary. But I’m concerned that this setup is not as secure as it could be. I would like to force users to login before they see the home page.

I see how to do this, but there is one problem… each user has to be assigned a role before they can login.

Is there a way to assign a default role or allow role-less login to the home page?

The validation will always be role-based, so you will need some kind of default role. One way to do this would be to use an AD/Database User Source, so that the roles are defined on the database, which you would have the freedom to configure yourself.

You could even add a union clause to the User’s Roles Query in this user source to always return a certain role name that would only need to be specified here. That way, you would not even need to add that role for every user.

Ok. That makes sense. I guess the AD/Internal Hybrid is not going to cut it.

Thanks Adam.