DefaultBeanInfo.addProp(...) method --- field descriptions missing in Ignition SDK 8.1.0

I’m making my own vision component and adding properties in my …BeanInfo class. The following flag constants for the addProp(java.lang.String,java.lang.String,java.lang.String,int))​(java.lang.String name, java.lang.String display, java.lang.String desc, int flags) method aren’t explained in the JavaDoc.


Where can I find their definitions?
Thank you.

Those are string constants for the property editor category where that property should be shown. They are defined in CommonBeanInfo, which your IDE should be able show you. (Just hovering in IntelliJ.)

Hello again Phil.
Yes, I understand that, and the IDE gets the information from the JavaDoc. What I’m saying is the Ignition SDK JavaDoc doesn’t describe what they mean or what to use them for. For example:

public static final java.lang.String CAT_DATA
**See Also:**
Constant Field Values

That’s all there is.

Click through to the Constant Field Values. The strings with names starting with “CAT_” match the groupings you get in the designer’s property editor for your component instances. I find them self-explanatory.

Uhm, not entirely. The IDE gets the relationship and location data right out of the jar, for the most part. JavaDocs or attached sources can supplement what is parsed right out of the jar.

Ah, so “CAT_” is the category and its value is the name of the category (didn’t see that in any text), duh. Thanks Phil, but it isn’t that self-explanatory when you on started working on module components a week ago and are dusting off 10+ without doing any Java coding :roll_eyes:
I appreciate the help as always.

The signature of the .addProp() method indicates that the argument where CAT_something appears is a string naming a category. (: