Anyone know how to insert an interface (DefaultExpandableRow) inside a dataModel?
I will put the dataModel inside a TreeTable (from com.jidesoft.grid import TreeTable).
The result I would like is a table containing rows that can expand and collapse at the click of the mouse.
I put the code below:

This is the error:

Thank you!

Dude, you are trying to run Java Swing example code as if you aren’t inside Ignition. And trying to use jython with java classes that have ambiguous method overrides. If you don’t know enough java Swing to tackle writing a module to add your component, you probably ought to learn Swing outside Ignition. Via the Java Tutorials, perhaps. When you’ve mastered that, come back to the module SDK.

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I thought it was simpler than that … before I even used an SDK module, I wanted to be able to implement this object in an ignition script.
I have successfully implemented objects made in Swing, this has given me confidence to be able to make this famous TreeTabel …
I guess it’s time to learn Java then!
Thank you!