Defaulting to Maker Edition Issue

Hello All,

I’ve previously downloaded and installed the Maker edition when I initially began working through Inductive University’s modules. After speaking with the licensing department concerning the core certification test, it was advised I used the trial version of Ignition instead and not to use maker. That said, after I downloaded Ignition 8.1 my gateway is defaulting to the maker edition instead of the full version of Ignition. Any ideas on how I can remove the maker edition and migrate to Ignition 8.1 trial?

look in the data/ignition.conf file for a line that contains -Dedition=maker and remove it. a gateway restart would be in order as well.

I think the best thing for your situation is a complete uninstall and re-install though to ensure your license gets unactivated and you get all the modules that go with Ignition (maker is a smaller subset)

Jonathan C

@jcoffman Thank you for the quick reply. Your solution worked and I was able to get the full version of Ignition. Apologies for the late response as I had to shift gears into water treatment training.