Defer Updates option missing on NumericEntryField

NumericEntryField is essentially a textfield specially tailored for number inputs. However, the option to defer updates until the input is unfocused is not present like it is on TextField.

I feel this should be an available option on NumericEntryField. Same for the rejectUpdatesWhileFocused option.

The inability to choose this option results in unexpected behavior at times.

For example, if -6 was in the input already, and I click once. It highlights it. I hit erase, its empty. When I click away, it populates it with 0 since it's empty.

However, if I click and start typing, hit backspace once, so only the negative hyphen is there then continue to erase until it's empty, when I click away it reset to the original value of -6.

If the deferUpdates option was available, it would not trigger until I am done typing, and see the empty value properly then get set to 0.

tldr: Add deferUpdates and rejectUpdatesWhileFocused options from the TextField to the NumericEntryField.