Degraded performance or pause the world event capture

I am attaching a screen shot of gateway performance. There are 2 slow response events recorded. First one at 22:33:28 for a period of about 181 seconds (little over 3 minutes). there is also second event recorded at 22:33:49 which is only 21 seconds later than the first event, this is also for 185 seconds. My question is when the first event lasting 3 minutes already going on, how Ignition captured a second event before that first event even completed? Also if someone has any tips to improve/reduce/eliminate the slow response/pause the world event, please share. Ignition is running on reasonably fast server with 8GB memory. Ignition version 8.1.3

+180 seconds, -180 seconds sounds like time correction, perhaps from your VM host?

Hi PG, thanks for your reply, I will find out about VM host. This degraded performance seems to happen between 10 and 11 pm most nights. (So generally the degradation is not observed by anyone, but recorded by Gateway log)

Heh, sounds like IT freezing the VM to take a backup.

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I have seen virus and vulnerability scans cause this too.

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Looks like time sync to me :man_shrugging:

After a closer look, I have to agree. Not just any time sync issue, but misconfigured or conflicting time sync actions.

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Thanks all, I will look into time sync operation and settings.