Delay alarm in pipeline until X condition is met

Say i have an alarm which when triggered, i am pulling some data in from another tag relevant to the alarm, but more often than not, the tag that is holding this relevant information is not updated at the time the alarm becomes active and therefore i do not get the expected information. I’m needing some way to delay the alarm from entering the notification block until some condition is met so that i know I’m pulling current data.

Currently i am just using a fixed delay but this is not working out at times as the tag holding said data may change again before its data is pulled and sent along, or at times it simply hasn’t been updated yet.

If you can make the test for that data into an expression you could disable the alarm when that data isn’t there. See Tag Alarm Properties - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation Use the alarm enable property.

One problem with that is that you could end up with alarms that never notify at all or show up as alarms on the HMI.

However, you’re probably going to have to explain better what you are trying to accomplish before someone can help you. Does it have to be an alarm? Could the extra data be stored using a transaction group and then referenced later outside the alarm system?