Delay Between Transaction Group and Database

Hi there,

I have a warehouse where the information is saved to a database at the beginning of line and then the information is pulled again using the pallet number and a label is created and printed. This has been working now for 3+ years without any issues. But as of about 2 months ago there seems to be a delay between when the transaction group on ignition calls the insert statement to MySQL and when MySQL actually does the insert. Which in the end causes the label not to print the right information because the information doesn’t exist in the database until after its printed. However, this does not always happen. Its average between 1 in every 20-30 prints. I am on Ignition 7. Would anyone know where I should begin to figure out my issue.

Are you using the store and forward system? If so, consider turning it off (bypass) for that group.

Could be related to more records and slow response now. Lack of indexes or just poor queries and table setup. Do you see in gateway where certain queries are taking a long time?

I bypassed the store and forward system. Let’s see if that helps.

Would you think that the more records in there the longer it takes to write a new one? I noticed that the table was never purged. So now I have gone ahead deleted data older then 2 months. It also isn’t cross referencing any other table its strictly inserting into a table and pulling from that same table.

Do you have indices on the column(s) used in the where clause when retrieving? (The delay could be on the other end… and would get worse over time if not indexed.)