Delay when populating power chart from tag history vs live tag value

I have a simple perspective display created, with an LED display component, linked to the live value of a tag. I also have a power chart component linked to the tag history of the same tag from the Led Display. There seems to be a dramatic delay of several minutes, between the live read out on the LED Display and the power chart's pen. What should I be checking?

What's your props.config.refreshRate set at. (You'll need to set props.config.mode : realtime to read it.)

If your chart refresh is faster than your DB can deliver the data, you can get stuck with nothing. Monitor your DB queries and/or update the chart more slowly.

refresh rate is set to 1,000 mS and mode is set to realtime
the chart updates every second, but it's several minutes behind the live data on that tag it seems

Check for incorrect clocks in gateway, OPC server, and client machine.

Thanks, I may have found the culprit. I have Ignition Edge running on a Groov RIO device from Opto22. I had it set up to update time via NTP, but it seems to pull the time ahead several minutes. I disabled for now and manually set time on device.

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