Delaying Service Start

Hello All,

Using Rocky Linux 8 there seems to be an issue with Ignition starting before the network services comes up. Is there a proper way to add a delay on the Ignition services to start?

Is there a service file at /etc/systemd/system/Ignition-Gateway.service or something alone those lines?

Yes there is just a service file in that location.

Should it have a delay when running from a virtual machine to give time for the network to get started. Sometimes the service fails after a PBS (Proxmox Backup Server) stopped backup of the virtual machine.

In the "[Unit]" section of the service file add something like this:


Thanks Kevin! We made the change and are going to test it when the next backup is scheduled to run. If everything works I will come back and update your response as the solution.

Minor: You're supposed to use systemctl edit Ignition-Gateway to create an override of the configuration file that will be applied after the base configuration supplied by our installers - that way if your installer ever touches the base file in the future your override sticks around.