Deleted Custom Parameters Still Appear in Parameter List (Perspective)

I have been messing around with Custom Parameters in Ignition and have found that when deleting a Custom Parameter, it still shows up in the Parameter list.

An example of this is in the “Configure Event Popup”. When clicking the “+” button, it shows Custom Parameters that I have deleted:

All these Parameters except for 2 of them I have deleted.

Are these Parameters stored somewhere else other than where you create the Custom Parameters?

Have you saved the project (and closed the Event dialog) since the last time you deleted one of those properties?

Yes I have.

I have completely closed the project and re-opened it with the same issue of these deleted Parameters still showing up.

What version are you using? I see a ticket was opened for this in the past and that issue was supposedly fixed as part of the 8.1.12 release.
See this: Ignition Release Notes for Version 8.1.12 | Inductive Automation

Ah, I am currently on 8.1.11. I will look into updating it.

Thank you

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So I was finally able to update to version 8.1.13 and the deleted custom parameters are still showing up in the list when you click the “+” button.

Deleting a param from a view through the property editor will no longer orphan its propConfig in the view json. This prevents the deleted param from showing up in the param suggestions menu within the property config (for example, when using an Embedded view component). Previously orphaned propConfigs will remain, however they may be cleaned up manually either through editing the view json or by adding the param back and then deleting it once again.

I just verified this exact behavior (albeit in 8.1.14 - but I believe this behavior to be unchanged from 8.1.12).