Deleted custom prop retains binding: Perspective 8.0.16

The view I have, had a custom prop (percentFill) that I wanted to change. I don’t recall the exact history of the property but it was bound to a tag. I tried to bind it to a different tag and I started receiving
Errors in the gateway log

I realized that this error could be related to an infinite loop so I removed the new binding on the custom property and the error went away but the old binding still seemed to still exist.

I tried to delete the property (in hopes that the old binding would go away) and recreate it but the old binding persists. Current behavior shown here…

This is a simple view that I can easily rebuild so I am not necessarily looking for a resolution, I just wanted to make it know.

If I remember correctly, properties have aways worked this way. If you close the View and re-open it you’ll see the binding icon is “active” again. Deleting a property doesn’t delete the bindings for that property. If you want a binding deleted, you should remove the binding through the binding dialog.

Understood and it seems to no longer be bound after opening and closing the view in the designer. However, I didn’t have to ‘remove’ the binding in the dialog. After reopening the view the binding is gone.

FYI, I had previously removed the binding through the dialog before experiencing the issue. Deleting the property was a last ditch effort to destroy the thing but I guess that didn’t work either.

All seems to be in order now.