Deleted driver continues logging errors

I was recently testing a TCP driver and it didn’t work for me so I deleted it. I look at the logs today and it is logging 50-100 errors/warning a second. The driver is gone, way are we seeing errors.

…drivers.TCPDriver[TestDev].TCPConnection[10001].PayloadHandler 09Apr2020 16:48:43 Incorrect amount of fields configured.

TestDev is gone. Could these ongoing errors be a built up in some cache? This constant logging is make the log worthless even when using the filter.

I don’t know if you got this resolved. I just had this issue as well. I don’t know how to fix it, but I figured out that you can set the level of the TCP logger to off. If you go to the logging page and press settings you will see a page like this that you can filter for the logger that you want.
Once you set it to off, your logger won’t be flooded anymore by these bad logging messages.

Thanks for the reply. I ended up just restarting Ignition last weekend.
It looks like I could have just turned off the troublesome driver. But the driver did not exist and I wonder if would have been on the logger list to turn off.