Deleted Timer Script Still Running

I have an odd problem regarding timer scripts. I had an old timer script that wrote a string to multiple PLCs every three seconds. This script looped through the tags writing to each tag individually.

Today I wrote a new script that uses the writeAll and readAll functions to write/read the tags in batches. I disabled and deleted the old timer script but over an hour later and I still see strings that could only come from the deleted timer script appearing in the PLC! Could all these writes somehow be batched up??

That particular timer script is the only one writing to these tags. I also checked the other projects on the gateway to make sure there were no old versions running in other projects.

Any help would be appreciated.

As a sidenote, are the writeAll and readAll tag functions asynchronous or synchronous?

writeAll is asynchronous. readAll is synchronous.

Restarting the gateway appears to have cleared up the issue.