Deleting Alarms

I’m just setting up a new project. I still don’t have any databases attached to the system, but I have a number of tags with alarms connected and configured. These alarms are obviously being stored somewhere on the gateway server, but not sure where.

My question is how do I delete alarms? After testing a number of the alarm systems, I’m ending up with loads of cleared, acknowledged alarms that can’t be removed from the alarm status table. Can’t seem to find any answer to this question online - am I missing something really basic?

Thanks for any help!


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If you edit the journal profile, it will tell you which datasource it’s using. If you check the advanced properties at the bottom, it will show the table names.

Thanks for the suggestion - I guess you’re referring to the gateway menu? Only thing is that there is nothing under journal profile, nothing is set up yet. Maybe the system has some sort of standard location to save this data locally?

In regard to the Alarm Status Table, there isn’t a delete option on the component because Ignition keeps the most recent alarms in memory (default of 5 events per alarm). It’s not until you create an Alarm Journal profile that Ignition starts writing them somewhere more tangible/easier to manipulate.

You could leave them be, since new alarms will remove the older alarms. Alternatively, you could make use of the Source Filter or Display Path Filter properties to eliminate the old alarms.

If you really want to get rid of the alarms, you could shut down the gateway, and delete the IgnitionInstallDirectory/data/.alarms_############# file. When the gateway shuts down, it records all alarm events in memory to this file, and reads from it on start up, so blowing it away while the service is down will remove those alarms.


Ok, that makes sense.

Thanks so much for the help!

Is there any way to achieve this without restarting the gateway?

I have an alarm that the path to the alarm was changed while the alarm was active and now I can’t get it to clear.

Bump on this... as jacob.ramirez requested, is there a way to achieve this without restarting the gateway. Some equipment tags were removed while alarms were active and now I can't remove those alarms.

Ignition wish list... if a tag is removed, remove any and all associated alarms from the system.