Deleting big UDTs from tag provider fails

Hello Ignition Forum,

i am trying to delete a big data type tag from a tag provider and i constantly crash the server with it.
As soon as i start deleting the datatype ignition stops responding to any action, if i try to look in the gateway my browser can’t even reach the webpage.

Sometimes after a few minutes i get the following message in the designer:

“An error occurred while saving tag(s).
Error message:
Results for asynchronus rpc call were not received within the specified amount of time [60000 ms] for task ‘788ec435-f400-4169-8dbd-aec10dfe334d’”

But in some cases this message doesn’t appear, the gatway just freezes and needs to be restarted with gateway control utility.

The UDT im trying to delete contains roughly 8000 Integers with 16 alarms set per integer.

Is this more of a performance related problem?
Can i somehow work around the server performance and delete the tags directly from the provider?

Best regards,

IA Support should be able to walk you through the surgery on the internal database to accomplish this.