Deleting dashboard component bug


I’ve been using the Perspective Dashboard component and have come upon a bug and I’m wondering if I might be missing something.

Basically, I’ve created a View that contains an iFrame, a Textfield and a Button, and I added the view to a Dashboard availableWidget. I wanted users to paste a url in the Textfield and press the Button, which would in return make the src of the iFrame the pasted value. I pass the src as a viewParameter of the availableWidget.


This works fine when trying to add widgets. The bug appears when I try to delete widgets not in the same order as they were created. SO, if widget A has data ‘a’ in it, and widget B has data ‘b’ in it, and they were both added in the order A->B, if I try to delete the widget A, widget B will then get data ‘a’ passed to it. This can be seen in the web browser under the property ‘data-index’. ‘data-index’ 0 is given to the first widget, and ‘data-index’ 1 is given to the second one. If I delete the first widget, ‘data-index’ 0 is then given to the second widget.


Any clue what I might be doing wrong?