Deleting System tags

I accidently created a OPC Connection with the wrong name. I would like to delete it from the system tags folder.
Deleted in the gateway config:

Still showing in the designer:
The docs do mention that it can’t be deleted. Is there a way to reinitialize or “rescan” the system tags?

I have the same issue with the gateway network connections

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What versions of Ignition is this? Seems like a bug on our part, not something you should need to take care of.

Hi Kevin,

When an OPC connection is deleted, I agree that it should be removed.

The real cumbersome list is the gateway connections as some gateways were discovered with the broadcast and then renamed. They’ll never come back be connected again, yet remain in the list of system tags. It will be ideal if this list only contains approved gateway connections.

Version 8.0.7


Hi Kevin,

I am experiencing the same issue but with Databases. I accidently created a database and I removed it. But it is still showing in Gateway tags. Currently am on 8.0.8.


I’m also having this issue with databases I deleted a while back. Running Ignition 8.1.0 LTS