Deletion of jxbrowser-6.23.1.jar broke all our builds

Last night you deleted jxbrowser-6.23.1.jar from your thirdparty repository, breaking all our builds. Please re-upload that library and please do not delete libraries in the future. This is important for reproducible builds and being able to build for older Ignition versions or when checking out older branches.

I’m not sure we removed it, the third party repo is just a proxy.

I think we do need to update it with the new teamdev Maven URL, though, so we’ll take a look at that.

If you’re as concerned about reproducible builds as you’re saying then you’ll start running your own Nexus repository that proxies and caches ours so the artifacts are always available to you.


We did not delete any jars, though we did remove an old proxy that was no longer resolving as it’s no longer hosted by teamdev, and that was causing build failures. Teamdev’s updated repo is not resolving at the repo they specify. I’ve reached out notifying them of the issue and asking if there’s an alternative repository. I’ll update when I hear word.

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Is it really a pure proxy? It contains plenty of artifacts with “ia” in their version number, which made me assume these are libraries you’ve patched and then host yourself. In any case, I’m sorry for assuming you had done the deletion, as the problem seems to be with Teamdev.

We are and we do, there was just a misconfiguration that didn’t include the thirdparty repo, so now we are left without a copy of that library. I’m sure someone has it on their machine and we could restore service that way, but I’m convinced that others will run into this problem too, which is why I reported it rather than just working around it.

It’s a proxy group, the teamdev repo isn’t the only repo in it. You’re probably seeing our tweaked Jython artifacts.

Thanks for looking into it and sorry for my blunt initial post. I was already having a bad morning and then opened the build server to be greeted by a sea of red. I guess you know those days :slight_smile:

No worries, my mood when posting here spans a very wide spectrum as well, not always my best. Probably shouldn’t do the bulk of my posting while ingesting my first cup of coffee.

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No worries - we all have those days, and I’m no stranger to getting frustrated because someone else broke something I rely on. :laughing:

We appreciate you pointing it out, because if you’re failing builds, someone else likely is as well.

Just to close the loop on this, Teamdev got back to me and confirmed they’ve been having issues with the repository that has historically hosted v6.x artifacts. They migrated to Google’s artifact service for 7.x version. That url is .

They’ve recently decided to migrate all the old 6 artifacts to the new platform/host and shutdown the old repo. The migration is in progress, and they’ve incurred some server failures in the process. Did not have an ETA on completion, but at least we won’t be blindsided if we start seeing failures due to the sunset of the old repo.


But it’s so much more interesting that way.

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FIFY. (:


I was going for subtlety, but that works too. :wink: