Delta RMC motion controller

I have a RMC150E motion controller that I would like to connect to Ignition. The RMC says it supports the following:
Supported Ethernet Protocols
CSP (a.k.a. DF1 over Ethernet)
EtherNet/IP (I/O and Explicit Messaging)
Procedure Exists (Mitsubishi Q-Series and FX Series)
FINS (Omron)
PROFINET … cpu150.php

I have made the connection in the gateway configuration and it says it is connect, I see [Diagnostic] tags but nothing from the controller. :scratch:

Any one do this before or have ideas, I would greatly appreciate them.

Thank you

I assume you used the Modbus driver, since the other drivers won’t work with this.

Anyways, there’s no such thing as browsing in the Modbus protocol. Tags need to be addressed manually, either in the designer as SQLTags, or in the address map of the modbus device you’ve configured. The address map is generally only appropriate if you need to address a large, contiguous range of registers.

As for which registers you need to address, well, that’s where you’ll need to consult the documentation for the controller.

Once you know which addresses you need, our user manual has a section explaining how to form valid Modbus addresses: … sub=modbus

Awesome info Kevin. Kind of what I was thinking but now I know. I will reply and tell all my findings. :prayer:

I have manually addressed a couple of DINTs that work well. I have tried to go in and setup the device so that the opc browser will browse for tags as follows

HR 1537 1539 TRUE 0 HoldingRegister 1537
HRF 1541 1549 TRUE 0 HoldingRegisterFloat 1541

I get nothing besides diagnostics while trying to view in OPC tag browser. Yet i can address the first set by manually addressing them like [Device]HR1537. Am I missing something?

No, you’re not missing anything… If that address map is saved and working you should be able to refresh the browse and see folders containing those tags…

What version are you on? If you go back to the address configuration page do the values you configured still show up?

I hit save but apparently it didn’t save. It works after redoing and SAVING. Thanks