Demand Scan in Ignition OPC UA Server?

Is there a way to do a Demand Scan on a single device using Ignition’s OPC UA Server? What about a programmatic way to change how often the device is scanned?

We have numerous devices connecting to an Allen Bradley CompactLogix 1769-L35E (which works great, thank you very much), but we only want to poll once every 10 or 15 minutes unless we push a new value to the device. Then we want to scan immediately to get the new value.

Currently using Ignition OPC-UA Server 2.2.0 (b0).

You might be able to get something like this happening by putting your tags for this device into their own scan class and using a combination of “Read” mode (versus Subscribed) and “Driven” mode with a slow rate of 10-15 minutes and a fast rate of ~1 second.

When you want to do a “demand scan” you would flip the driving property on for a few seconds and then back off.