Demo application for a noob?

Is there a demo app I can download and run? I learn faster by following examples.

In 8.1 there’s a ‘Quick Start’ project available, embedded into the software directly. That’s probably your best entry point into Perspective.

Thanks for the response. I’m actually new to Vision (Inductive).

Go through the videos on if you haven’t yet

There are also demo project available for Vision, although they’re not the best learning resource from a brand new user (in my opinion) because some aspects go very deep into internals that you won’t often have to deal with, if ever.

Thank you, I will download and take a look.

I know I sound helpless but, where can I find the default password for the VM?

For the VM itself, or for Ignition? For the latter, you can always reset the password:

The VM asks for a password to sign in as “Ignition User”.

Ah, ignition/ignition I guess:

:+1: Thanks

I just upgraded from 8.0 to 8.1… I didn’t ever get the option to include the Quick Start project. Is there a way to add it after the fact? Apologies if I am missing something obvious!

@jdturner Quick Start is only available on fresh installs, not upgrades.

Hope that helps!

Well I mean it doesn’t HELP… but at least I am not looking around like a maniac for it anymore. Now I go wipe something off for a fresh install so I can play.

Yeah I get that, however previously installed systems that are upgraded presumably don’t need or want quick start which is why we don’t nag every customer about it when they upgrade to 8.1.x.

I get that… the option would have been nice though and clicking “Yes” or “No” during install doesn’t feel completely unreasonable. Its a pretty nice tool for playing around with some of the controls without having to go through the effort of setting it all up.

Psst! Use virtual machines (VMWare/VirtualBox/Virt-Manager) or containers (Docker). Then you can keep a variety of versions and setups around without messing up your workstation.