Demo expired error for tag historian

I am getting demo expired error in my history tag provider

I am running a 2 hour trial version of Ignition. How to get rid of this error?

Even if I create a new provider, it gives the same error for it as well.

As a result of this I am unable to see historical trends of tags

Has your demo ran out?

I just launched into an unlicensed gateway, it was timed out (of demo), my screen looked exactly like yours and as soon as I clicked reset trial it went to:

Provider Name	Enabled	Type	Description	Status	
MDB	true	Datasource History Provider	 	Running

That was an 8.1.15 Gateway

Oh Ok! Simple as that!

I was not getting the historical trends in display, so I thought something went wrong with the tag history database.

Its working fine now.! Thanks a lot.


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Yeah, the 2-hour demo is fully functional, but most aspects stop when the 2 hour runs out. If you need longer to proof of concept something for a customer that you think will lead to a license sale, reach out to your IA exec and they should be able to provide you with a one-off 30-day testing license.

I am aware of the trial mode, I didn’t realize trial has expired while I was testing trends in reports, so thought something went wrong with the history DB!

The error description was misleading as it didn’t say trial expired, it said demo expired so I thought its some different error!