Demo expired? Not a demo!


I have an Ignition 7.2.2 (b6757) system which reads OPC tags from an AB CompactLogix L32E PLC. An external system also connects to the Ignition OPC server to read these tags.

This setup has been working for the last 4 months and the last time the server was restarted was more than a week ago for unrelated reasons.

The problem is that since midnight on 2nd April, the OPC connection to the CompactLogix appears to have gone down. Someone took the attached screenshot, showing that the ‘demo has expired’.

We have valid licenses for everything except the OpcCom module, and to my knowledge, we do not require this module for the OPC comms. In any case, isn’t the trial period 2 hours? I would surely have noticed earlier if this was required for normal operation.

This morning I have restarted the OPC-UA module and the system appears to be working properly for now. What could be the cause of this ‘demo’ expiry? It is important that this connection can be relied upon as data DOES get lost when the connection goes down.

Module versions:

Allen-Bradley Drivers v1.2.2 (b6567) Activated
OPC-UA v1.2.2 (b6567) Activated
OpcCom v1.2.2 (b6567) Trial

The way we did licensing in 7.2.2 and prior was subject to an infrequent bug on windows that would cause things to go into an unlicensed state.

If you unactivate, upgrade to the latest version (7.2.5), and then activate again you shouldn’t have any more problems.

Thanks, Kevin. I have updated to 7.2.5 and I will continue monitoring to see how it goes.