Demo expired on historical provider only (docker)

Hi my historical provider has demo expired active.

I am running the Ignition Maker (docker) 8.1.x nightly build (2 days ago).

I have tried deleting the licence and obtaining a new license. Also tried to reboot Ignition(docker container), and of course the Historian module.

Any tips?

There was a bug report placed last week about the provider showing that “Demo Expired” status in Maker. Just to be clear, you’re not seeing issues with historian functionality, right?

At this point I am not sure.

I deleted the non-persistant docker volume and did a docker-compose up. And the DB connection was valid for a few seconds, before switcing to Demo expired again…

It looks ok now.

One thing though, when i change the value of a memory tag, and I pull this historical tag in a table (every 2 sec). It takes maybe 1 minute before a new value appears in the table. So it looks a bit slow (or maybe it always was like this?)

The delay is only in the designer, not in the web client. So with the exception of the misleading “Demo Expired” text I guess everything is fine