Demo project access is laggy

I access several time to with different internet to test perspective demo.
I use very good internet service but some time the response time is extremely laggy and some time it’s better but never is good enough to compare to a normal web site response time.
In average it took about 1 min in startup for loading resources and clicking on button took about 5 to 9 sec to fully open.
The demo project don’t use many images so it should at least response like normal site.
For example opening youtube completely took about 3 sec compare to 1 min (loading resource) for perspective.
I use chrome and android app.
Is it possible to minimize the startup time?

The demo project and Perspective in general are undergoing some performance profiling over the next few weeks.

I think there’s a lot of debug/dev resources being used still that may cause page loads to be slower than it would be otherwise.

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Thanks Kevin, could you explain me why it need to load resource each time I access it?
For example other site like imdb , youtube doesn’t need that mechanism and they load very fast and download images and resources later on. it feels more better for user instead of waiting for startup loading page.

I can’t explain everything about why you need to load the resources, but part of it is that Perspective is a single-page “application”. If you use your browser’s dev tools to examine a Perspective page, you’ll notice that any navigation you do performs no actual HTTP calls, and most of the HTML content doesn’t change as you move around your project.

So part of the extra load time you experience when you first open a Session/authenticate is because we’re fairly front-heavy in that we need certain resources (Javascript, Websocket connection) in place before we can do anything - but we only need to load it once. You should also notice that while multi-page sites or applications have a lot of “pop-in”, like ads or additional content, Perspective should perform navigation between Pages/Views nearly instantaneously because you’re not loading a whole new Page or View, you’re just asking the Gateway to manipulate your original page into your desired Page with the Javascript already on-hand; one quick stream through the Websocket gives us the View definition and before you know it, Javascript has constructed your View.