Demo project backup?

I was wondering if the demo project at is or will be released as a project file?

I second the question/request. It would be beneficial to see how certain layout items are used within the demo.

There is a plan for there to be a different project long-term.

We can’t really do the project from because we’d either have to supply a full Gateway Backup (and include internal IPs for databases and the like - huge no-no), or we’d supply a project backup which would have tons of binding failures because the expected underlying database is missing.

So we’d either have security issues or a non-operational project…

If you’re looking to see how certain layouts were setup, DOM inspection can give you a sort of abstract idea of the layout.

If you have a very specific question about how something was accomplished, we’re always happy to answer those questions, provided you can be very specific about what you’re looking at and want to do. Also, posting forum questions about how to do something are great for getting the community involved, as others might have the same question.

Dang, that does make sense though. Personally a non-operational project would be fine by me, though inspecting the page did help with some questions I had. I’ll make a new topic for any more that I have.

I believe it would be more how things are setup in the new designer, including properties, styles, and how layout items are nested. I agree with mrogers, a broken project will still give us a good idea of how things are setup. We can see the working version online while reviewing the project.

Release a virtual machine with this project, can it be a solution?
Like vmware image in this page