Dendency “fpmi” is not installed

Hello I had a similar problem and followed this post (except I looked to match dependencies for your vision component example) but now it looks like the designer is skipping my module because I don’t have the fpmi dependency. What module id should I use for a vision component dependency?

Skipping module “Plant Replay” because dependency “ModuleDependency[moduleId=“fpmi”]” is not installed.

It’s in Ignition 8.

Ok so I did try that, and I’m now it seems like the designer can’t find my hook class:

Hook class "com.tamakicontrol.modules.plantreplay.designer.DesignerHook" not found for module "Plant Replay".

There must be something else I’m missing from the upgrade to 8.0?

There’s a new version of the ignition-maven-plugin (1.1.0) that no longer packs all your jars, if you’re not using that it might be the problem.

That was it! One final thing (I’m not sure if I should put this in the beta forum or here). It looks like the
VisionDesignerInterface.VISION_MODULE_ID constant is still “fpmi” on the 8.0.0-SNAPSHOT sdk.

Oops, thanks for reporting that.

edit: that’s just in the SDK, not the latest release jars.